Saturday, February 7, 2009

First solo run with Taos dog

Due to work this week, I've only run 5 miles, so I was feeling the need to get out this morning for a short run before my busy day. Taos and I did 4 miles, and she was very good on the leash (she only tripped me once). She is about a 5 minute miler, but she forces herself to slow down for me.

I got a massage today, which was super! Corrin, my massage therapist, is just the best for sports issues. I was having problems with tight shins/calves and my left achilles/ankle. With one week left before the Pemberton 50k, I was getting worried, but I think it really helped. I had not had a massage since before my wrist fracture. Love them! Wish I was rich so I could get them more often.

I'm reading this book called 'Deep Survival' which is really awesome (I'm just fascinated by any book about people who live/die doing the things they love and why they do). It is basically a book about what it takes for people to survive anything. This one paragraph just sums it up (and it is also how I feel about my own life):

"He saw that to lose everything at the edge of such a glorious eternity is far sweeter than to win by plodding through a cautious, painless, and featureless life. And that, of course, is why people undertake adventures such as solo voyages of the Atlantic to begin with. The true survivor isn't someone with nothing to lose. He has something precious to lose. But at the same time, he's willing to bet it all on himself. And it makes what he has that much richer. Days stolen are always sweeter than days given."

Everyone has a wilderness inside. You just have to find it.

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