Friday, September 18, 2009

First ever night hike

Went with the Tucson Hiking Meetup Group and did a night hike tonight (first night hike!) 4.25 miles round trip, Sabino Canyon Visitor's Center to Esperero Trail (out and back). I got to try out my headlamp, which I bought back in the Spring, but never used (I look like I'm getting ready to go spelunking!). It was cool! The desert feels like a whole different world without the sun. I should have brought my camera with me, but I thought it wouldn't take good photos in the dark. We saw a huge tarantula and then a few minutes later, a tarantula hawk (code for BIG BUG) hauling off another tarantula (here is a pic that one of the hikers took): The tarantula hawk paralyzes the tarantula and then takes charge. It is part of the circle of life, but always bothers me to actually see it!!!!
We also saw a rattlesnake (he was way off in the bushes), a scorpion, and some sort of night hawk. There were about 25 people on the hike, so I wasn't too worried about any big critters. 1,041 feet elevation gain. Not bad for 4.25 miles (up on the way out, down on the way back). Fun. Very.

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