Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sabino Basin Run with TTR

Still a little tired from Imogene, but I joined the Tucson Trail Runners for a short run in Sabin Canyon. I did Phoneline trail to the Basin and back on the paved road. Most other runners did Phoneline trail back, but I knew I had to get back home that morning. Plus, there was homemade frozen yoghurt and ice cream waiting. Thanks Doug!!!!
Distance: 13.2 miles

Cumulative elevation gain/(loss): 2,748/(2,808) feet

Time: 2:51. I know, I'm slow. I do pretty well on the road, but I'm pretty slow on Phoneline... Here I am at the basin before the turnaround: So, I'm tossing around signing up for the Old Pueblo 50 mile race, which is in March 2010. Since I'm doing the 37 mile race in October, Tucson Marathon in December, the Ghost Town 38.5 mile race in January, and Pemberton 50k in February, it would be a good year to attempt it. Registration opens in about a week, and fills up the same day, so I need to decide soon. I changed the quote at the top of my blog, but it pretty much answers the question on whether I'll do it or not. :)

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jeff said...

sign up for zane grey instead. it'd be nice to see a familiar face there!