Friday, December 25, 2009

Phoneline Trail to Hutch's Pools Hike/Run

Merry Christmas!!!!! Getting out on the trails is an awesome thing to do on Christmas Day...

I hiked out to Hutch's Pools via Phoneline Trail in Sabino Canyon with the Tucson Hiking Meetup group.  Shari joined me for part of it and my friend Sarah was there, too, hiking the whole thing.  Shari and I are fast hikers, but we were courteous and waited periodically for others. My friend Sarah is a fast hiker, too. I've never hiked all of Phoneline trail before; I've always run it!
Distance out: 8.38 miles
Time to get there: 3:41

It was 30 degrees when we started and we were in shade in the canyon for several hours. It felt like it got even colder in the canyon. We were bundled up!
Made it to Hutch's Pools and removed some layers for the run back!

I ran back by myself from Hutch's Pools via the trails to the SC tram road. I was having fun in the warmed up finally thankfully. :)

Distance back: 7.62 miles- well, a little shorter than that, but I looped around the bathrooms to round up to 16 miles. :)
Time to get back: 1:34

What a great time. It always seems like good enough weather on Christmas Day in Tucson to wear shorts. I'm wearing a skirt on the run back!

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