Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trail run for the soul

Recovering well from the Tucson Marathon, but I'm certainly taking it easy. I ran 3 miles on Wednesday, 3.75 on Friday and did a 6.25 mile trail run with a group today. It has been 3 weeks since I have been on the trails. It really lifted my spirits. A mile into it, I said, 'Hello, old friend, good to see you.'

Jeanne and Pete from Fleet Feet organized it and there were 10 of us that showed up. I drove over there with my friend Shari and was suprised to see my friend Steve there, too! Very cool. I also saw my friend Tom from TTR at the end of the run, but he was cycling up Mt. Lemmon, not running.

We started at Molino Basin (about 6 miles up Mt. Lemmon) and ran west on the Molino Basin trail (past Prison Camp).  The trail is gently rolling and pretty good terrain to run on. The pace was easy, it was a beautiful trail, the runners were friendly, got to see my friends Shari and Steve, and besides being a little chilly in the beginning of the run, it was pretty much a perfect Tucson Winter day. What more could a trail running gal ask for?
Yeah, don't answer that.
Hope all of my wonderful friends and family are well and get to spend time this week with the people they love.

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Andrea said...

I love all of the pictures you post Renee, I miss the sun and the cactus! I too miss the trails! Ryan and I had so many good hikes on the trails in Arizona. I miss you too! I hope that you are ok and that we can talk soon, if not on Christmas. Love you! Andrea