Friday, January 1, 2010

Bear Canyon Loop trail run to start off 2010...

Got up on the first day of 2010 to run the trails on Bear Canyon Loop to get the new year started off right. It was pretty cold at the start, but as usual for Tucson winter, it warmed up nice!
Dropped my gloves and had to backtrack to find them, so I ended up with a little extra mileage.

It was really pretty out there. It was my 4th running of this loop. I ran into a few TTR guys out there, too and a few hikers. The throngs of people were on the road on the way back (the last 3.7 miles). Holy cow. That's why I love the trails. So peaceful.

Total miles: 17.3
Total time out: 4:20 - I stopped a bit here and there - I was having shoe trouble - new shoes. Finally got them tied right.
I'm not even posting the cumulative elevation gain/(loss) anymore, because I think the Garmin is screwy. According to a TTR member's GPS (which probably is more accurate than the small watch GPS I have), the cumulative elevation gain/(loss) for that loop is 2,945 feet. My Garmin registered about 1,000 feet more gain. Not bad, though - it is a challenging, but fun run.

It felt good to start the year out with a trail run. 
Oh, and I also bought two $1 'scratcher' tickets. First time in years. I won $10 in one. Good sign for the new year. Yay for 2010. Buh bye 2009!

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