Sunday, January 10, 2010

TTR Tortolita Mountains Trail Loops

We all gathered in the dark as the sun was coming up.

I was the only gal out there - I guess another gal showed up a little late. Not a bad deal though - me and about 15 trail running guys!!! ;)

Distance: 16.2 miles
Time: 4:06 (uh, yeah, lots of hiking)
Trails: Wild Burro, Wild Mustang, Alamo Springs
Elevation gain/(loss): 4,566/(4,540) - a little higher than Ross reported with his handheld GPS

Fun: Lots!!
Actually, I was very sore from a deep tissue massage yesterday, so it was hard and I was slow! Many people chose the 10 mile option, but about 6 of us did the 16+ miles.

It is very pretty out there, although the new Ritz-Carlton is now built and can be seen for part of the run. At least they tried to blend it in to the landscape.

Well, that is my last run until the Ghost Town 38.5, which is on Sunday 1/17 in Hillsboro, NM. I ran a total of 28 miles for the week.
This week: one hot yoga class, some stretching and foam rolling, and no running. Wish me strong legs and lots of PMA (positive mental attitude)!!!


Sarah said...

Good luck at Ghost Town!

Бриз said...

O! So beautiful photo!

It's Time to Live said...

So, I read through your blog and studied all the photos. It made me tired! I do a lot of trails still but my running has become walking and some times very slow walking ;)