Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wasson Peak figure 8 trail run with TTR

Love this run! Starts in Saguaro West Park at the Sus Picnic Area.

We ran down Hohokam Rd. to Golden Gate Rd. and took that to the Sendero-Esperanza trailhead as the sun was starting to come up.

We ran that trail up and over the saddle and connected to the King Canyon trail, which we took to the top of Wasson Peak. We came back down the Hugh Norris trail. The perfect blend of up, then down, then up, then down. A figure 8. I loved it!

Distance: 14.5 miles
Time: 3:26
Total cumulative ascent/(descent): 3,481/(3,445) This elevation gain from my Garmin is pretty close to Wayne C.'s calculation, which I believe it supposed to be pretty accurate. Hmmm...not sure what to think about that. But, what a good workout!

Views at the peak were awesome! Wasson Peak is at 4,687 feet.

Had the peak to myself - was up there about 5 minutes and then headed back down the Hugh Norris trail, on the approximately 1,200 steps.
Ross snapped a pic of me on the way down from the peak:

We finish on the road for a short bit and back to the picnic area. Love those saguaros. Saguaro West has way more than Saguaro East.

I was a little tired from running on Friday, but I felt pretty good. Trail running really does feed the soul. I love the Tucson Trail Runners. What an awesome group of people.  I hung out with everyone and talked for over an hour afterwards. I love talking to other trail runners.

Ran a total of 38 miles for the week. Two weeks to Ghost Town 38.5, so it really is time to taper. I ordered some more ear muffs - 180 degree ear warmers - for the race (my dog chewed my other ones up last year). It will be very cold at the start. Also, I ordered my new fave trail running shoe, the La Sportiva Wildcat, in Gore-Tex, in case we run into snow on the GT course, and just in general, for the cold.  I'm also getting an Ipod - not sure if I'll have it in time for this race, but it will be nice to have the company of some music on some of these longer races (50 miles coming up in March, holy cow!)

"Give me silver, blue and gold,
The color of the sky I'm told,
My rainbow is overdue..." ~ Bad Company


Sunshine Girl said...

I've never seen a Saguaro - some day I'll find my way to your corner of the world to check out the desert trails!


HappyTrails said...

Love all the gorgeous pix, as usual. I like the one of you coming down the rocky trail and the one with the steps. And of course, the SAGUAROS!!!! :-) We will be looking forward to the full Ghost Town race report and photos!

RunningTroysLife said...

See you @ the pot luck.