Sunday, September 16, 2012

TTR Sabino Basin Run - PR!!

TTR Sabino Basin Run - Out and back on Phoneline/Sabino Canyon trails to the basin (junction with East Fork trail)

Distance: 13.8 miles

I made it to the Phoneline/Tram Rd. switchback trail junction in 1 hour even - fastest ever!

To the basin - 1:27 
I touched the sign and back I went in a hurry. I ran with a few new people the rest of the way back. Made me a little nervous to have two people behind me the whole time - they wanted to stay at a steady pace, so they said they were fine. Problem is, I start tripping and not watching what I'm doing when I talk too much. I did trip and lightly fall on my hands once, but luckily, nothing too dangerous. Phoneline trail can be dangerous - 5 years ago, I got a severe avulsion on my forearm. Nicked an artery; it was a real squirter! I was taken away in an ambulance. Anyway, you have to be careful with the pointy rocks.

Total time: 2:50 - PR!! Fastest time before today was 3:05.

No pictures. I was busy running fast! :)

My running is going really well. I'm ready for Flagstaff 50k. 

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