Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday is long run day!

Nancy, Sheryl, Lisa, Sue and Renee

Here we all are on our run through the Canyon Ranch Resort area in Tucson. The beautiful Catalina Mountains are in the background. We did about 12 miles (Nancy and Lisa started early, doing about 16, since they are training for the Chicago marathon). Debbie, who is an old friend of these gals, came with us and took our picture. Thanks Debbie - it was nice to meet you!

Congratulations to the Hardrock 100 (mile!) race finishers! Scott Jurek (left) has already come in 1st place today in 26 hours and 8 minutes. The others have until tomorrow, Sunday, July 15th, at 6am to finish. It is a very grueling race, with a combined elevation gain of 33,000 feet!! It starts and ends in Silverton, CO, where my husband Ken is at for the summer. Kenny was there at the start of the race and he watched Scott Jurek come in to finish. Apparently, Scott's ankle was not doing well (check it out below!), since he twisted it on Monday playing soccer, but he perservered and set a course record. Thanks Kenny for taking pictures for me - it was almost like being there!

Congratulations also to all runners who even attempted the Hardrock 100. These are true athletes in my book!

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