Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Today is all about freedom. It is so great to be free to make my own choices in these United States. I am also free in spirit. I have been graced with freedom from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and compulsive and destructive behavior. A loving God has graciously allowed me to experience freedom of the soul. For that, I am grateful! I show my gratitude by being of service to others.

I went on an 8 mile run in Saguaro National Monument East (the 8 mile Cactus Forest loop) this morning. Sheryl and Nancy were there, but Lisa was doing an organized bike ride today. It is very hilly, but it is a good training run for the race held on that exact course on Labor Day. I have done that race twice now and will be doing it again this year. Check out the elevation map of this course:

No wonder I'm so tired today! It is a good workout, especially when it is hot like today. Today, the temperature in sunny Tucson, Arizona reached 110.5 degrees! I stayed inside for the rest of the day! Ken is in Silverton staying cool. Lucky Ken. The high in Silverton today was around 80. Nice. I wish I was back in the North Carolina running on this beautiful path (in Tsali recreation area):

If you are ever in North Carolina in this area, don't miss a trip to Tsali! Beautiful and shady!!! I can remember the smell of honeysuckle now...

Suggestion: Do something nice for someone you love today without expectation of anything in return. You will experience joy!

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