Sunday, October 7, 2007

Phoneline Trail - Sabino Canyon

Today, Laurie and I ran the Phoneline trail in Sabino Canyon. It was my first time running it and it was steep-very rocky. We ran from the Visitor's Center to the Phoneline trail, took it to the end, and then ran the Sabino Canyon 'tram road' back to the parking lot, which was about 10 miles total. She said it would be great training for the Bisbee Stair Climb race and it was! This morning was cold for this time of year (for Tucson), about 50 degrees at the start, so I wore a jacket. Total elevation gain - 1,348 and total elevation loss - 601 for a net gain of 748. It was definitely challenging.We had a great time - Laurie is so much fun and we just talked the whole time (when we weren't breathing hard!). Definitely have to do this trail again.

Laurie is going to be my new trail running partner from time to time - I'm so happy to find someone who loves trails in Tucson and is about my pace. She is training for the half Ironman, which is October 28th in Tempe, AZ. One tough gal. She also cooks, does gardening, sews, you name it. I look forward to lots of fun trail runs with her.

Any day when I do a trail run is a good day. It is going to be a good day!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Yay! Phoneline is open again!!! My favorite training run for ultras is the Phoneline loop. I like to run it in the direction you guys did it, although if I'm doing loops, I often do washing-machine loops - up the road/down Phoneline, the turn around and go up Phoneline and back down the road. It's the BEST!

Pinkcorker said...

Okay Angie, we'll have to do that together when I'm training for my 50k next year!