Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chiclet Concrete/Shopping/Show Run!

Early this morning (6:15am, it was cool still!), Nancy, Sue, Sheryl, Lisa and I went on a 11 mile run around town. Yes, lots of concrete, but we got to do some interesting things, too.

We walked through a bike swap on 4th Ave.
I saw a bunch of bicycles that I wanted.

We ran through a classic car show at Reid Park.
Steve, Sheryl, Lisa, Nancy and Renee
Sue is doing her best 'Olga Korbet' up front
(who says runners aren't flexible?)

That is Steve and Sheryl's mustang in the back. Steve, Sheryl's husband, was showing one of their mustangs there. So, we visited for a minute, and off we went.

We did sneak in a little trail through a neighborhood towards the end, which was nice (it is part of 'Viola's loop' near Reid Park).
This was the last long 'Chiclet' run (where all of us will be together) before Lisa moves to OR. Lisa and I wore our Chiclet shirts from last year's Tucson Marathon relay we all did together (we called it the 'Chiclets All Girl's Marathon Relay' on the shirt and we had our names on them as well). Lisa, you will be very much missed.

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Sarah said...

You ran all over the place! Sorry your friend is leaving, but at least its to a nice place to visit. : )