Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dove Mountain Trail Run - Tortolita Mountains

My friend Andrea and I ran the Dove Mountain Trail today, which runs along Dove Mountain Boulevard (starting at Tangerine Rd.) We ran all the way to the end of the road, just past the Wild Burro trailhead, which goes into the Tortolita Mountains. Got in about 9-10 miles, which was about right. Most marathon and ultra training programs show a 10 mile long run the week before the race, so I don't think I'm overdoing it. The trail did have a slight incline heading in, which I really felt in my lungs more than my legs. I thought that was a good sign that my muscles were ready for the race next week.
I had met Andrea back at the Blue Pants Racing Winter Trail Series in January, and we have just never been able to hook up for a run until now! She is super sweet and so easy and fun to talk with. By the way, BPR is going to be doing a Summer Trail Series in August (3 races). Yeah, I know it will be hot, but we'll just have to get over it - we live in Tucson!

I got in about 22 miles this week. I'll be getting a massage on Monday, I'll run about 4 miles on Tuesday, and probably do Bikram yoga on Wednesday. Then, Thursday and Friday, I'll rest. I'll be driving up to the race with Angie and her boyfriend Chris on Friday, and will be returning on Sunday after the race.

My husband just came down with this nasty cold, which I'm hoping to avoid before the ZG race.


Sarah said...

I wouldn't worry about trying the potatoes for the first time during the race, especially since you already like them. I hadn't tried them before, but I found I needed something more solid in my stomach than gels or bloks. I think potatoes or pretzels are plain enough to not cause problems unless you really have a sensitive stomach.

I hope you don't get that cold!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh no! i hope you don't catch that cold!

your taper sounds much better than mine - 5 miles for the week, a root canal and four hours at the fair :)