Monday, April 7, 2008

A trail run, thoughts on Zane Grey and other random stuff

Back out to Tucson Mountain Park today. I get so excited going down Starr Pass Road when the mountains start coming into view. The sky looked cool!

I ran on the Starr Pass trail again today, and took it over to the 36th St. trail. I ran about 6 miles and on the way back, I found this big hill near the trailhead that represented what I envision everyone saying about Zane Grey - rocky! So, I had to hike it up to the top to see what it was like. Whew! So, will Zane Grey look like this? For 33 miles? Well, I'm mildly consoled by the fact that there will be quite a bit of downhill, too, but maybe with the same rockiness??

I was pretty alone out there today, but I try to be pretty safe on the trail these days. I usually take my cell phone (you can get reception in most places in Tucson Mountain Park) and I really work on picking my feet up over the rocky parts so I don't fall!

I ran about 15 miles last week - trying to recover from the Bataan marathon, so I was taking it easy. Also, I had to be in Yuma, Arizona for the weekend for a conference, so I didn't have much time to run there. I did manage to do about 6 miles on Saturday night along their canal/levee system, which runs along a bunch of wheat and lettuce fields. I always seem to find some dirt to run on!

I'll do about 40 miles this week, which will include:
1. A trail run at Catalina State Park on Wednesday with my friend Shari, with some hill repeats thrown in,
2. The 11 mile Catalina State Park trail race on Saturday (I'm not really racing, just going out to have a good time), and
3. A short hike with some steep elevation gain on Sunday with my husband Ken and Dixie Dog.

I'll then taper the last two weeks before Zane Grey (no hills or any crazy hikes or anything like that!) I'm a little nervous about the race, because of the elevation gain, but I figure I'll get through it somehow. I don't care about time - I just want to finish!

On another random note, I have a lot going on right now! I just got a promotion at work, we are closing on an investment house this week (and spending the next 6 weeks on it - it is a 'fixer-upper'), I haven't started our taxes yet (my husband has to file Schedule C since he is self-employed), we're having a lot of company in town recently, and I've been out of town the last 2 weekends. I'm eating well, though, and taking good care of myself, so I plan on staying healthy. I'm excited to have such a full life and still be able to fit in 40 miles this week, all on trails!

My life is such a gift.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

congrats on the promotion!

and yup, ZG is full of rocks like that. Sometimes they are covered by grass so you can't see them! But there are good spots too. It'll be fun. An Adventure!

Ella said...

I'm not a runner any more ( a light walker ) but I just returned from Starr Pass to Lake Oswego Oregon and so I know the terrain you are talking about. Enjoy reading your notes.

Ella, Lake O

Sarah said...

Busy! Nice job fitting it all in. : )

Marathoner in Training said...

Congrats on the promotion. ZG is a great hike, lots of hills and rocks. I did an eagle project on the trail near Geronimo, cleaning up the trail and doing erosion control.