Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Final details before Zane Grey

One last final run today before the Zane Grey 50k - a big 4.5 miles - I'm taking it easy. I'm battling either a low-grade cold or my usual seasonal bout of allergies, so my run was tiring (it was also 88 degrees!) I wore my hydration pack because I was trying out my new nozzle lock - during my marathon, I had sticky sports drink squirting out on me. It works great, so hopefully, no surprises during the race (well, I'm sure there will be, but at least not this one!). I got a massage on Monday (mmm, nice) and I'm doing Bikram yoga (hot!) on Wednesday, so I'm just trying to be good, stretch and stay well before the race.

My bags are packed for the race and the countdown is on! I have two drop bags, one each for the 8 and 17 mile aid stations. No drop bags allowed at the 24 mile aid station. Only 3 aid stations over 33 miles! I went to the Army surplus store here in Tucson, Miller's Surplus, and got some cute 'digitalized' camo ones just for some small things that I'll need (Perpetuem, snacks, more Clif blox, spare socks, etc.) Hopefully, by splattering my name and race number all over it, there will be no chance of it getting lost by the volunteers in route to the aid station. Also important, putting the correct aid station on it - there are some things I only have in the 17 mile aid station bag, because I'll be carrying extra stuff for the second half of the race.

I am pretty much consumed in thought about this race. I hope it turns out to be one big adventure. That is what my life is and what I want it to be - one big adventure!

Nothing left to do before the race, except rest. Oh, yeah, and I'll also be picking up my visor for the race - I had 'Pinkcorker' embroidered on the front of it in, you guessed it, hot pink thread. :)

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Sarah said...

It will be an awesome adventure! Good luck! : )