Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 weeks ago today...

I was sitting in Northwest Hospital in Oro Valley, doped up with morphine and waiting for surgery on my wrist the next morning.

The healing is slow, but every day gets better. I can now pull up, button and zip my pants and shorts without much pain. I'm sleeping pretty good finally. Typing is getting easier with my right hand and I'm able to write a little. After going back to work this week, my hand has just been pretty sore from using it from time to time, but everyday it feels better. I'm still a little bruised and swollen, but it sure looks better than it did on Monday.

What I can't do with my right hand: open jars or bottles, shift or start my vehicle, wash my hair or face, open doors, hold or lift anything more than a few ounces, push a grocery cart and so much more. My left arm is already looking bigger than my right from using it to compensate.

I really miss my weight workouts almost as much as my running. My husband told me to just do left handed exercises, but I'm already going to be imbalanced as it is!

I've used the exercise bike twice this week (once for 1/2 hour, once for an hour), done some sit-ups and a few weight exercises with my legs. I've been pretty tired going back to work and I'm just not going to push my body right now. It needs time to heal.
Here I am just having fun with Kenny and the dogs on a walk in Rillito wash. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful emails. I couldn't have made it through the last 3 weeks without all of the support.

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