Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Happy Halloween

I wasn't too creative with my costume; I dressed up as a trail runner for Halloween at work and also at a party we went to tonight. My husband Kenny surprised me with his costume. When we first went to the party, nobody knew who he was because of the mask (I hid on the side of the house and listened to everyone's comments). It was funny to see him with all that hair; he kept playing with it all night. Rock on, Kenny!
I wore this sign on the back of my 'costume':
This picture didn't come out great, but here I am with one of the Village People (my friend Eddie):My wonderful friends and me (Marybeth, Renee, Camille (Wayne's GF) and Wayne):
Marybeth has really been my best female friend for a long time now. She is a strong and amazing woman and was there for me a lot during my ordeal. Wayne is one of the top Master's runners in Tucson. Wayne and I have been good friends for a long while now, but we had a falling out last year. I was able to own up to my part of the conflict and things have been great ever since. Don't knock admitting a wrong when it is due; it can mean the difference between bondage of self and freedom.

Since I was all dressed up to go running and I've been pretty stressed about my work situation (more on that later - not good news), I decided to go for a run. I NEEDED a run. My first run in 4 weeks since I fractured my wrist. 4.5 miles. It felt great. I will probably go again on Sunday. I was feeling a little depressed and I knew it was time to start running again.
No problems with the wrist during the run. I think it is healing up well. I'll go back to the doc in 2 and 1/2 weeks for updated x-rays. It is only sore when I 'overdo' and use it too much. I still can't pick up or pull anything really heavy, but I can do more and more as time passes. It has made me aware of how lucky I am and how blessed I am to have such great friends. That's how it usually works; it takes some sort of problem in my life to make me reach out for help. So, I guess it was a good thing after all.


Joyce said...

That's exciting that you can run a little bit! And I love your attitude!

HappyTrails said...

You dressed up as a trail runner - where's the running SKIRT??? Yay!!! you were able to get out for a run! Isn't it neat how a little time away can make us appreciate "little" things like a 4.5 mile run???!!!

Anonymous said...

trail runner. that's awesome- he he he.

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