Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cycling and a new goal

I decided I wanted to do the 60 mile El Tour de Tucson course instead of the 40 mile since the course was changed. Last week, Dallas and I rode our bikes to the start, which is now at McMahon's on Swan near Ft. Lowell. We then took the 60 mile El Tour course all the way up to Rancho Vistoso/Innovation Park, the start of the 40 (42 now?) mile course.

Most adorable man on the planet award. Hands down.

Here I am showing off my new jersey from Colorado. I know my friend Kathleen has been anxiously waiting for it! :)

We returned the same way, for a total of 40 miles. My longest ride yet!

Today, I did the 25 mile Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride. I rode from the house, did the ride, and rode home. My first ride with a group.

I was nervous, but it went well and I kept up with everyone fine. I rode behind a gal for a while that kept braking (and driving me crazy), but I finally got past her after the group stopped for a break. Then I rode next to a guy that talked my head off for the rest of the ride. Made the time pass and got me used to riding next to someone in a group.

I stopped at The Running Shop on the way home to pick up mine and Dallas' packet for tomorrow's half marathon, and returned home with 29 miles.

I determined after today that my helmet is old and dorky and I need a new one. I also fell in love with that beautiful pink bike behind me in the picture up above (Orbea). A new bike will be a while. Not enough $.

Besides, I have a few races to register for - I need to save my money for ultrarunning! I plan on doing Old Pueblo 50 mile on March 3rd and Zane Grey 50 mile on April 21st. I will try running a little in the next few weeks to continue to test the waters, but I think I am fairly mended and can start training soon.

Big Yay!


HappyTrails said...

Finally! You look lovely in your new Colorado bike jersey!!! You are putting in some great miles on the bike - wow! It is keeping you in good shape - sounds like you are on your way back! And some hard races on the horizon.... good for you! :-)

Jamie said...

Yay to running again! I was thinking about doing El Tour, but I'm going to cheer on everyone else instead. :)