Saturday, October 1, 2011

Executing the plan to return to running

After driving 11 hours back to Tucson, I got up early the next morning and rode my bike up to Sabino Canyon with Dallas for the TTR run (10 miles). It was good to see everyone with the new TTR season starting. I saw a lot of new runners and made sure I introduced myself. As the new co-administrator of TTR with Dallas, I want to make sure I know who the new people are and make them feel welcome.

Dallas ran to Sabino Basin with the group, and I hiked my longest distance since the injury - 10 miles. I hiked Phoneline trail to the junction and back in 2:45. I was with Ross for a few minutes early on, but he said I quickly 'dusted him'. He also said that I have a 'ferocious hiking speed'. :) Thanks Ross!

We then rode our bikes back home 10 miles. Nice Sunday!

The next week was the TTR Green Bug run. Since I wasn't going to be cycling this weekend, my goal was to hike 3 hours out and 3 hours back. I didn't think I would get to the out point (Green Mtn. trailhead), but I thought I would see how far I got. Dallas decided to hike with me! :)

So good to be back out on the trails with my best friend. ;)

The goal was to hike as fast as possible the entire time (sometimes Dallas had to jog to keep up with me - I'm a fast hiker!). We started earlier than the group at Prison Camp on Mt. Lemmon. We took the Bug Springs and Green Mountain trails.

After several hours, we started seeing TTR folks.

These trails are really pretty.  Green Mountain was the trail we ran after we got married! Felt great to be out on the trail where I belong. :)

At exactly 3 hours, we were at 9 miles, so we turned around. On the way back, we took a 10 minute break at the aid station that Tonja was manning (thank you!!) and returned to the group at Prison Camp at 6:10. We didn't quite make the whole route, which was 18.8 miles, but we hiked 18 miles with about 4,200 elevation gain. I felt good, so it was a victory!

So, today, less than a week after the 18 mile hike, I decided to try out my running legs. On my hour out and back walk on the Rillito, I RAN for 10 minutes of the way out and 10 mins of the way back. No pain!! I felt a little sore this evening in my groin, but not much, so I think I will give it another week before I try it again. I felt so much hope when I was running, because it is getting better! The freedom! Felt wonderful.

Hope is such a grand thing.

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