Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get Moving Tucson Half Marathon

I signed up for the half marathon back in the Spring before I was injured. I knew I could walk it and the course was open for 3.5 hours. The question was - how fast could I walk it and could I run a few miles?

Dallas finished quickly in 1:35 and made it back to me at about mile 8.5 of the race. Up to that point, I had been walking and averaged a 13 minute mile. I kept that pace going up and down A-Mountain as well! Power walking!!

Going up 'A' Mountain

We continued to keep up that pace (Dallas can't walk that fast, so he slow jogs a little here and there) and began running at mile 11. This was fun as mile 11 goes past the start line again and we got to see some friends who were cheering me on!!

We walked mile 12 and then we ran the last mile into the finish. It felt good to run into the finish.

2:45 total time for 13.1 miles and I only ran 2 of the miles.

This was the third race of the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, which raised all sorts of money for the charity with which Gabe was involved. Gabe is the son of Ross in TTR, so all sorts of TTRs came out to support the Triple Crown, which was awesome. It was great to see so many people out to these three races that we knew and we got to hear Ross speak about his son and how he would have liked what we did. I think Gabe would be proud of his dad for creating so much unity in the community. You won't be forgotten Gabe.

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