Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another weekend at Tucson Mountain Park

Saturday - 24 miles with Tricia and her friend John at Tucson Mountain Park. Both of them are running the Pemberton 50k, too.

Trails - Yetman, Golden Gate, Prospector, and Starr Pass

Felt pretty good and better as the run progressed. I had a great time and think both of them will do great at Pemberton. I don't usually run with anyone but Dallas lately, so it was a nice change.

Sunday - TTR Tucson Mountain Park Scramble

My shin was bothering me and I was a little tired from Saturday, so I took Doug's suggestion and hiked a short loop around Bren Mountain. I started with the TTR group at pullout G7, went up Golden Gate trail, and then arrived at the intersection of Yetman, Golden Gate, and 'Gates Pass' trails. This 'Gates Pass' trail is not on any map.

Climbing high above Gates Pass Rd.

Beautiful trail. Lots of climbing. Went around Bren Mountain and dropped onto Yetman, which I took back to Golden Gate and then the G7 pullout. 

Saw two deer - one had a big rack, but didn't get a shot of it.

She is far away, but right in the middle

5.86 miles
1,262 feet elevation gain
2:06 total time

It was hiking only, probably only ran a few short spurts. Lots of up and down over 4-5 topouts, one was a little rock scramble. Can't wait to do that one again. Fun to go off of the map sometimes. :)

Everyone did different trails on this run, so it was cool to hear where everyone went on the map. Doug had everyone draw their routes on his blown up board. Very neat idea!

Doug's homemade ice cream and sherbert is the absolute bomb. Anytime Doug is the run director, he makes different flavors. Never a dull run when Doug is around.

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