Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Ended 2011 with a Ride and Tie on 12/31/11...

Check out my crazy socks.

Two 5 mile loops at Fantasy Island. One mountain bike, two people. Kathy and I were a team - there were about 8 teams. Kathy is a hoot.

She took off on the bike and I ran.

We switched about every 5 minutes. She'd put down the bike after 5 minutes and start running, and I would run to the bike, start riding, pass her, drop the bike, and so on. It was fun.
Kathy on 'our' bike
We also had to carry stuffed animals around for extra points. After the first loop, you could down prune juice and other sugary junk for extra points (time deductions). I like prune juice, so I did it. Luckily, no problems as a result.

What a fun time! Big thanks to my friend Shari for the invite!

Started New Year's Day of 2012 with a TTR Wasson Peak run! 14.6 miles in 3:13. Beat my prior time of 3:26 from 2010.

On top of Wasson - 4,686 feet high

It was really windy on top

Good to see Dallas at the end - he was way faster than me.

We do a figure 8 - up Sendero/Esperanza, across the saddle, down King Canyon, up to Wasson, down Hugh Norris. 3,027 feet of elevation gain. I was tired heading up, so I was fairly slow, but I made up time going down.

Got in 63 miles this week. 25 mile trail run on Monday (Bear Canyon Loop and Sycamore), 12.5 mile trail run in Tucson Mountain Park on Thursday, 5 miles at the Ride and Tie, almost 15 miles at Wasson Peak and another short 6 mile run mid-week.

I'll cycle down a bit the next week to avoid overdoing it, but I think this is going to be a good year.

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