Sunday, January 29, 2012

TTR Redington 50k

I've never done the whole thing. Two seasons ago, I only went to the aid station and back ~ 27  miles. Last season, I went off course with Alli and Glenn and ended up at Bellota Ranch. By the time I got to the aid station, turning around back to the start netted 50k, but it wasn't the official 50k.

We had a record number of people show up this year. Everyone getting ready for Old Pueblo 50 mile race.

This year I finished it! And Dallas ran it with me! I wore my 'trail gansta' outfit.

I felt pretty good most of the run. Redington is an out and back on the AZ trail. It is a lot of up and down, with several long climbs each way.

Dallas had some IT band issues on the way back, so he told me to go ahead without him when we were about 5 miles out from the finish.

Ross got a lot of pictures of us out there running as we passed him both ways.

I had a smile on my face when I came in to the finish!

Great run! Felt strong at the end.

Total time: 7:15
Elevation gain: 4,464 feet
Distance: 31.38 miles

Ross always gets candid shots of me like this

I have no idea why I was posing like that. :)

One of our newer TTR members, Jeff, summed up the day with a fancy move at the finish.

Now THAT'S infectious enthusiasm

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HappyTrails said...

Congratulations on finishing a fantastic LONG run!!! You have come back wonderfully from your injury since last Fall. It seems you were just here visiting and yet time goes by SO quickly - here it is almost 5 months later!!! You and Dallas are looking beautiful as always. Hope his cranky IT improves quickly. Looks like you had a lovely day, weather-wise, too. Send some sun our way, PLEASE!!! :-)