Monday, September 24, 2007

Snowy Stony Pass - Colorado San Juan Mountains

On Sunday, it rained and snowed (at higher elevations), so we didn't do much but eat! Kenny and I got up on Monday morning and bundled up for a ride up over Stony Pass (12,650 feet) to see all of the snow. Here is what I was wearing:

Wind pants
Base layer 'long-john' pants
Sports bra
Hooded base layer
Heavy base layer 'long-john' shirt
Wind jacket
Insulated Soft shell jacket
Neck gaitor
2 ear headbands
Crocheted hat
2 pairs of gloves and 1 pair of insulated mittens
Thick pair of socks
Snow boots
I was still cold in a few spots, which is unbelievable, but we were on the Arctic Cat, and it had to be well below freezing up there. Felt like we were in 'no man's land'. We did finally see someone in a Jeep, but there is a weird isolated feeling up there. It is so quiet and peaceful. The view coming down from the pass was amazing.
Later that day (after bundling up under some blankets for a while watching a movie to try and warm up) I ran the most beautiful 6 mile trail run from our cabin into Silverton along the Animas River with Dixie Dog for the 3rd time this week. After last night's weather, it was an extremely cold and windy run. Regardless, I knew it would be my last run in Silverton this year, so I savored it.
This place will be extremely hard to leave.

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