Wednesday, September 19, 2007

10 mile hike, Colorado style

Today, Kenny, Dixie and I went on a 10 mile hike near Silverton. Part of it was on the Colorado trail and a lot of it was on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad tracks.The train was done running for the day, so we were safe. The section of the Colorado trail that we hiked was mostly downhill, although it was plenty challenging with the elevation and the steepness of the area. The picture of me on the trail with the backdrop of the mountains looks so unreal! It almost looks like I'm in an Olan Mills picture studio! We were still fairly high on the trail heading down to the tracks when the picture was taken, so the view was just incredible. The tracks were very hard to walk on - almost like a step workout! We found lots of old discarded railroad spikes and the valley was gorgeous. Our hike took us a little over 3 hours and we were plenty tired when we were done. We had to park one vehicle at the end of the hike and another we drove up to the trailhead. Crossing some of the railroad bridges was a little scary... looks like from the picture that we were actually 'trespassers'.
Colorado is so unbelievably pretty, don't you think?

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