Thursday, September 20, 2007

First longer trail run in Silverton, Colorado

The obsession could wait no longer! I had only run 3.5 miles since Saturday. Okay, I have been hiking quite a bit, but I think my endorphin levels had dropped significantly! Today I went on a 6 mile trail run from the cabin we are staying at near Howardsville into Silverton, which was about 6 miles. I ran past the Old 100 Gold Mine through Cunningham Gulch, which has beautiful mountain views, a stream alongside, changing leaves, and no pavement or concrete! Most of the rest of the run is along the Animas River, which flows through Silverton. It was amazing! Running in such beautiful country is such a treat. I was a little winded from the elevation (still getting used to it) but I really enjoyed doing a little longer run. It was not as easy as my desert runs in Tucson, but I could tell I was feeling better. The view going into Silverton was wonderful - Silverton is nestled in a little valley surrounded by huge mountains. Kenny was working at his art gallery in Silverton, so he gave me a ride back to the cabin. I'll be doing this trail run again.

Later that evening, we drove up to Clear Lake, which is on the other side of Silverton. To get there, you have to travel on a 4WD road that has a lot of switchbacks. It is about 4 miles up the mountain, but it took us over an hour to get up there and about an hour to get back down. The lake itself is not that impressive (it is above treeline - sparse vegetation at the top) but the drive was spectacular. A storm was brewing off in the distance, so I took some interesting pictures of the activity over the mountains.
Afterwards, we finished the day off with some dinner (yum, sweet potato french fries) at The Pickle Barrel in Silverton.
I just don't sit still for long. I love DOING. However, I always take time in the morning to BE before I head out for the day and DO. When I do that, I seem to be helpful to those around me.

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