Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dixie Dog Run

36 miles run for the week. I did about 13 or so miles with the gals yesterday. We got poured on for two hours. I love running with my friends because they put up with my whining about the rain. :) 19 years of living in New Orleans made me a fan of a dry climate!
Today, I ran with Dixie along the Rillito Wash, which actually had water in it with all the rain we had yesterday! She loves the cooler weather that we are finally having. However, I bet we are still wearing shorts while we are grilling our shrimp outside on Christmas Day!

We went to visit our friends, 'The Goats', on our run today.
I think they told Dixie thanks for coming to visit.

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Sarah said...

I added the Forest Park 50k to my 2008 race schedule. So unless we decide to leave town for the weekend, I'll be there!