Sunday, December 16, 2007

Every year, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners hosts a non-competitive 5k run through Winterhaven, which is a subdivision in Tucson. Residents who live there put up tons of lights and people from all over Tucson go there to enjoy them. This was my third year in a row doing this run. It is so much fun!

Renee and Sheryl with the very nice Marines.
They were at the entrance where kids can go see Santa Clause. No, I don't own anything red, so I picked the closest color, Pink!

Jim Irish, who is the run director, is a really neat guy. He is the one that does 'Jim's Mystery Run' here in Tucson. He is really cute, but don't tell my husband I said that. :)
No, my husband doesn't read my blog, he just looks at the pictures.

Thanks Jim for another great Christmas run!

Over 200 people showed up this year. Jim recognizes participant's birthdays near the end of the run.
Well, between the crazy rain earlier in the week, and the short run today, I only have 33 miles for the week. However, I did do a 14-15 miler yesterday with Laurie, Nancy, Sue and Sheryl, so I am coming along on my marathon training. The weather in Tucson is warming up (70 degrees tomorrow - yes!) so I'll be getting in the miles this week...


angie's pink fuzzy said...

every year, i say i'm going to do that run. every year, i don't :) but it sounds like fun!

Sarah said...

Oohh, I love lights! Looks like fun.