Sunday, December 30, 2007

Catalina State Park Trail Run (or, what happens when you take your eye off the ball)

Laurie and I headed out to Catalina State Park, which is North of Tucson for a little trail run. The trail we had planned to run crossed a wash with a little water, so we changed plans and ran the:

1. Nature Trail (a little steep at first, but great views of the Catalina Mountains),
2. Bridle Trail (pretty flat, lots of deep sand - great for ankles and calves!), and
3. 50 Year Trail (up and over a ridge on fairly rocky terrain)
Around 11 or so miles?

On the way back on the 50 year Trail, I was engrossed in conversation as I can be when I am enjoying a great running partner, when wham! Down I went. Into cactus. My left hand is pretty torn up from the slide on the trail (see gross picture), my left knee is banged up again (how much can you bang up a knee before it revolts?) and I had quite a bit of cactus in my left leg, hands and right arm. I couldn't get out one cactus needle - it is too embedded (ouch!) and it will just have to work itself out, I guess. Laurie was so sweet and happened to have some tweezers back at the trailhead, so I was able to pluck some of the needles out on our trip home.

The lesson? The lesson will be presented until it is learned. I have to keep focus on the trail or else the trail will remind me to do that. Here I am showing off my wounds:

Hey, at least I didn't have to get medical attention! I'm not going to let a little fall stop me from heading back out to the trails!
Great run with Laurie today. Had a blast!

My foot pain has faded, and I'm thinking I might have a arch muscle strain. Doesn't seem to hurt much now that I have fallen!

I wore my new trail Dirty Girl Gaiters today - the pattern is "Iron Butterfly". They were very helpful to keep out all that sand!
When we made our alternate trail plan this morning, Laurie said,
"What's the worst that can happen?"
Seems funny now.

Some apropos running quotes for the day:

"If you want to play the game you have to train."- Unknown

"If you look up, you're going down!"- Unknown

"Adversity introduces a man to himself."- Unknown


Sarah said...

Ouch! That looks nasty! Yep, keep your eyes on the trail. : )

Nice gaiters! I have that design too. : )

angie's pink fuzzy said...


i swear, i'm building up scar tissue on the right side of my body from all the times i've fallen (why can't i fall on my left side and even it out???) :)