Saturday, December 22, 2007

Okay, Winter has arrived in Tucson

Cold run! I ran with Nancy, Sheryl, Laurie, and Sue this morning - about 15-16 miles. I used my hydration pack and it was so cold that the drink in the hose was slushy. Brrrrrr.........
It was below freezing when we started, but I warmed up quick because I was wearing a lot of clothes (two pairs of gloves, two earwarmer headbands)! It always amazes me how much my body will warm up when I run. I typically overdress, but I am slowly learning not to.

Renee, Laurie, Sue and Sheryl. Nancy is taking our picture.

We ran through the Ft. Lowell Park area, so we got in a little wash/trail running, in addition to a little road running. I felt pretty good and really felt like I could keep running forever (had the 'runners high'). I love those days. Total mileage for the week - about 40.

I'm worried though - my right foot is bothering me badly. The outside bone (not the arch). I'm praying I don't have anything serious....
I'm not running for two days, and then I'm going to try and do trails only the next few weeks and see how that goes.

We saw a Great Dane along the way, who weighed more than we did! I think it really liked me. :) Don't tell Dixie or Cracker.

We did our Christmas gift exchange after our run, and the gals were very generous. Lots of great running stuff from Nancy, Sheryl and Sue, Laurie framed some great pictures of us, and Sue made us some pretty ornaments. Thanks ladies! You all are the best. We all talked about our friend Lisa, whom we miss greatly. She moved to Bend, OR less than a month ago and so we are all adjusting. We love you Lisa!

"I believe in the runner's high, and I believe that those who are passionate about running are the ones who experience it to the fullest degree possible. To me, the runner's high is a sensational reaction to a great run! It's an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction and achievement. It's like being on top of the world, and truthfully... there's nothing else quite like it!" ~ Sasha Azevedo

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Sarah said...

Gotta love that runner's high! I hope your foot is better soon. Merry Christmas!