Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colorado trail hike

No planned run today, just a hike with Kenny, Dixie, Cracker and Jax (Kenny's friend's dog) along a portion of the Colorado trail. We headed about 15 minutes South of Silverton back down the road towards Durango and hopped off on a road to the right that took us to the trailhead. Last year, we went to the left, which was a little more forested. This portion of the trail has some forested areas, but is pretty much in an open, grassy area, with a lot of bushes and flowers.

We did about 6-7 miles. Cracker was just a hiking machine! She had more energy than all of us put together! For such a little dog, I was amazed at how she still had boundless energy at the end of the hike. I'm such a proud Mom. Who knew my little doggie would fit right in with my outdoor lifestyle? She sure can run - when the weather cools off, I'll take her on some shorter runs in Tucson to see how she does.

We went up, up, up for a while on the trail - lots of switchbacks - and then came back down the same way for about half of that portion of the Colorado trail and then veered off in the end to another trail that brought us out on a gravel road a little down from the trailhead. We ran down (even Kenny ran!) because it looked like the sky was blackening and we could feel a few raindrops. It was a blast running down because it was pretty steep, so we just flew.
The views are unbelievable. Lots of flowers and the mountainscapes look so fake! Little Molas lake was in view for a little bit. We even saw some deer, which was a treat.

Colorado is definitely one of the most amazing places I have ever been. If you haven't been to the San Juan Mountains, you have really missed out.

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