Sunday, August 17, 2008

Endorphins are good

I had a great training run out at Saguaro National Park East today! It felt so good to be running (after yesterday's hike/run). I met up with a new friend, Julie, who just moved here from Colorado. She had contacted me through my blog before she moved here, so it was great to finally get to run with her. We did most of the 8 mile paved loop (the one the Labor Day race will be on), but .8 mile before the end, we took off on the Cactus Forest trail, which cuts through the loop. We ran that trail until the other side of the paved loop, and then took the loop backwards to the Visitor's Center. Total mileage - 12.5! It felt so good to be on a longer run. Even though my legs were tired from yesterday's run, I felt energized - yay for endorphins! We walked the small hills in the last mile or so, but for the most part, I thought our pace was good all considering how tired I was and how many hills we were tackling.

Julie was really fun to talk to and we pretty much talked non-stop the whole time! I had also met Nancy and Sue there; but unfortunately, as we all got running, Julie and I started talking about trail running, one of my favorite subjects, and before I knew it, we were separated from Nancy and Sue. I usually don't like to leave anyone behind, but it just seemed to be the way it all worked out. Julie seemed pretty speedy and I was really raring to go today, too.
Even after yesterday's trail shoe debacle, I tried out the other pair of Inov8 trail running shoes that I bought. They are similar to the ones I already own - very lightweight, but supportive. They look a little dorky, but they matched my outfit and were super comfortable. I'll be keeping these.

It was really pretty out there today, and I felt so happy afterwards. What a great day for a great run with great company.

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Anonymous said...

hey- like the shoes. For me, that's one of the hardest things to LIKE and stick with. I have probably run in every brand under the sun.... and I'm still not "married" to any of them.