Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coyote trail and more running blogs

There is this little 1/4 mile section of trail that connects a local neighborhood to the Rillito River path that I have dubbed the 'Coyote trail'. I have seen only one coyote on it but I have seen many around it. Actually, yesterday morning, when I was headed onto it, a guy told me, "Watch out, there are two big coyotes in there." Well, I was a little worried, but how big can coyotes be? And, they usually run the other way anyway, so I proceeded ahead. Needless to say, I always expect to see one - adds to the trail run adrenaline rush. :)

I always see this lady with her two overweight, but very friendly golden labs, so today I asked her to take a picture of me with them. Let's just say that some people are terrible at taking pictures. Here it is:
Yeah, no dogs in the picture and could she have waited until I was actually ready? What am I doing here, breaking out in a rap dance? So, I tried to get one myself, but the dogs were uncooperative.

I've updated my blog listing to include some other running blogs I've been checking out. Hope you enjoy them, too.

This guy is one of the top ultrarunners in the country right now - he is fast and runs an insane amount of miles. And he looks like a hippie. Don't expect any pictures, though. He usually only wears tiny shorts when running - no place for a camera there!

Matt is currently with Karl Meltzer on the Appalachan trail (AT) . He has a lot of training advice on his blog, is a top ultrarunner and he seems like a really nice guy, too!

Karl Meltzer

Karl is just a really accomplished ultrarunner who has decided to take on the AT in record time (averaging about 45 miles a day!) This is his 'Where's Karl' site, and he is sponsored by, my favorite online outdoor retailer. Karl's regular website has a 15% discount on it for

Steve Stenzel

Okay, this guy is really a triathlete, but he has the funniest blog EVER. He is very self-effacing. Um, actually I'm kidding about that. His blog is called, "Steve in a Speedo? Gross!"

I've been working so much lately that I actually thought how great these cows had it - just hanging out all day! I see these guys fairly often on one of my loops, and they seem to look at me the same way!

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HappyTrails said...

Matt Hart is awesome - he really inspired us to start running longer runs! And if you ever get a chance to see Tony run (which you might have at Zane Grey) it is truly a treat - the guy literally floats across the trails! Too bad he's injured and can't defend his LT100 title.