Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fried quads from a Body Pump class and a trail run

I usually do two weight workouts a week, but since I wasn't in Tucson to use my machine, I took a Body Pump class at the local Silverton Movement Center. They also do spinning classes, which I have taken there before, Pilates, Yoga, and Boot Camp classes. I have never taken a Body Pump class before and IT WAS HARD. It was first thing in the morning. There were about 10 people there of all sizes/ranges, so I felt pretty comfortable in the class. It was fun, but so hard! I think I would get in shape fast doing that kind of class. With every rep, I kept thinking that I was ruining my trail run later on in the day! Every muscle on my body is sore. However, I still headed out for a trail run around noon (addicted!). It was pretty hot (well, for Silverton - even thought the ambient temperature isn't more than about 75 degrees, I am 7,000 feet closer to the sun than in Tucson, so my skin feels hot and sizzly). I ran along the Animas River again, but first headed for an out and back portion along the Animas past Howardsville, just outside of Silverton. The out and back portion was really rocky, but fun. Then I continued on down the usually Animas River route back to Silverton for a total of about 7 miles. Unbelievable views. I felt very happy to be out there today.
Kenny and I ended the day with an ATV ride down Cunningham Gulch and up to the top of one of the peaks to visit 'Bob Green'. Not sure if Bob is buried up there, but there is a large granite block and wood cross memorializing him. This is where Kenny wants his ashes scattered. You can see for miles. There were wildflowers everywhere, and a mine site that we stopped to check out. Although the weather in Silverton has been warm and wonderful, it was super windy and cold at the top next to 'ole Bob Green, so we didn't stay long. That evening, I was worried that I might have overdone it - I have a very hilly race on Labor Day in Tucson. Hopefully, I'll feel less sore by then!
I figured out after being here almost 4 days that I have some sort of gastrointestinal something or other. I'm not sure how I got it, but I think I'm finally feeling a little better. Kind of a drag, but I've tried not to let it stop me from doing whatever I wanted to do. I thought it was altitude related at first, but then it dawned on me what it was. I think it has finally run its course.

Going to bed early tonight; big day tomorrow. We're headed into the town of Ouray for a long ATV trip tomorrow to Yankee Boy Basin and the top of Imogene Pass!

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