Saturday, April 10, 2010

Copper Basin 50k 'Fun Run'

This 'fun run' was put on by Aravaipa Running and held up in Prescott, AZ (about 3.5 hours Northwest of Tucson). Jamil and Nick Coury of AR were the only aid for this course. These guys are just awesome - not only are they super fast runners, but they are very nice
This was a supported (with aid stations) no-fee run in the Thumb Butte area.
The run had 3 options: 50k, 36k, and 19k. It consisted of 2 different 'out and backs' on the presently unfinished Prescott Circle trail. Eventually, in several years, this might be a 50 mile race! That would be cool.
I drove up on Friday night and stayed with my friend Christina and her niece Cat. Here we all are at the start of the run:
Distance: 32.81 miles (got off course - more on that later)
Total time: 7:07
I was 7th out of 20 finishing the 50k (although many of us did more than 31 miles - some doing up to 34 miles.) I probably would have placed later had others who were faster not gone off course so far. But, navigation is part of any trail run - I'll take the results! I was happy with my total finish time.
Total cumulative elevation gain/(loss): 6,172/(6,212) feet. Only a couple of fairly decent climbs, but lots and lots and lots of rollers...
At the first aid station (around 6 miles):
I fell two minutes into the run! Right over some rocky stuff - just bruised my knee and a few nicks on my hand. But...on the way back (the first out and back), I fell in exactly the same spot. This time, I did myself in, scraping both knees and both hands up pretty good. I was right near the aid station though, so I used some paper towels and water and mopped up the blood and got the grit out of the wounds. Yeeeouch!!
I dropped my long sleeve shirt, sleeves and gloves and donned the tank top for the rest of the run. After a 5 minute 'get myself together' break, I was off again for the second out and back. The first out and back was a little over 12 miles. It was a really pretty section of forest.
I got off course on the next section. Apparently, someone moved ribbons on the course (some rogue hikers?!?) I actually took a left on the course where I saw some ribbons and ended up wandering around on some lightly traveled forest trails. After a half a mile or so of that, I concluded that I was lost. No people, no ribbons, super sketchy trail. I managed to find my way back to the place I got off course and saw runners. A little while later, I ran into about 10 others who got lost on another spot! The course was very well marked. But, sometimes these things happen...
Beautiful forest trails! The mountain views were just lovely. I loved this area!

There were 5 aid stations. On the first out and back, which was about 6 miles out, there was an aid station with a bunch of water set up, but it was unmanned. The second aid was back at the start - Nick Coury manned this one, and there were tons of goodies! The third aid station was a full one as well, with sports drink and food. It was at about mile 18, which was manned by Jamil Coury. The fourth aid station was at the second 'out' point, which was unmanned and had only water. I was slurping up the water out there - it was getting hot! I got to see Jamil again when I headed back -  he was also the 5th aid station.
He had fig newtons; my second favorite aid station food (behind boiled potatoes and salt!) I ate 4 of them, refilled with water and was on my way!

I ran the last 4 miles with a gal named Shawna. She was excellent company. It was tough at the end; we were ready to be done! My friend Christina was there with a lot of others when I came in, and they were all cheering us on!
I got to see a few folks before and during the run that I had met at Cave Creek and OP 50 - Stephanie, Donovan and Jeff. Feels like I'm part of one huge ultrarunning family...
I had some chicken soup, a tortilla, some chocolate, and I was on my way back to my home in Tucson.

Great run, great scenery.
I love doing different runs! Totally worth the drive. Big thanks to Jamil and Nick - the aid stations were totally stocked, you guys were so friendly and it was a great course. I'll be going up to Flagstaff on June 12th for another Aravaipa Running 50k 'fun run'. Should be awesome! I think there are still a few spots open...
Got to see some pink flowered trees up there, too. Awesome!!! You know I liked that. :)
'In your reflection are you sure that you see
The person that you've always wanted to be...'
 ~ The Outfield

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Sounds like you had a wonderful day. The trails looked nice - loved all the great photos. You looked lovely, as always! :-)