Sunday, April 18, 2010

TTR AZ Trail 50ish K

This was a Tucson Trail Runner group run on an out and back section of the Arizona Trail down near Patagonia, AZ, about 1.5 hours Southeast of Tucson. Dallas and I traveled down together, leaving Tucson at 5am! The run started at 7am, but we weren't sure how long it would take us to get there - Highway 83 is under construction. We made it there before 6:30 and got to chat with other TTR members before the run started. Yeah, Dallas and I are hanging out a lot these days! He is UH LAWT of fun.

Me and Patricia (good thing one of us is smiling - what's up with my 'if looks could kill' look?):

Dallas and Darrel (I love watching people laugh):
And, off we go onto the Arizona Trail (Jerry on the left and Dallas on the right):
Distance: 28.38 miles (I added on a few tenths by missing a turnoff)
Total time: 6:34
Total cumulative elevation gain/(loss): 5,283/(5,268) feet.
A bunch of pretty good climbs, but lots and lots of small rolling hills. I think those hills are going to cost me my baby toenail. We'll see. It is super sore.

There were 8 of us that did part or all of the run - me, Dallas, Jerry, Doug, Darrel, Ken, Patricia, Wayne and Ross. Wayne and Patricia were the run directors, and thankfully, Wayne ran ahead of us and flagged questionable spots with orange tape. Last year, a lot of the runners got really lost. He did a really good job.

Doug, Jerry and Dallas tackling one of the hills - some of the views on this run were incredible... :)
We were blessed with cloud cover most of the day, although the temperature was supposed to be around 86 degrees. Fooled me - I didn't wear much sunscreen and I got burned!
Some red dirt/rock on parts of the run, which were cool.
My legs felt dead from all of the running I've been doing. But I perservered and kept going! 

We ran into Ross (our fearless leader) at some point - he was headed in the opposite direction, only doing one way. We were happy to see him!

He got a picture of me taking a picture of him. I love the dueling camera fun!
Jerry and Dallas hung with me for about 10 or so miles until they finally pulled away (shortly after Doug caught up to us - he started a little late).
I finally made it to the aid station (the out point), which was about 14 miles.

Thanks Wayne and Patricia! I chatted with everyone for a few minutes, refilled my water and headed back onto the trail. The sign says 14.5 miles, but it is about 14.
Lots of wildflowers out there today:

I ran out of water the last 4 miles. It was really getting hot out there and I was slurping it down. Time to start carrying a handheld along with my hydration pack. Thankful to my iPod - I put on Nickelback and just tuned out the negative thoughts. It was more psychological than anything else - I was pretty hydrated at that point. But, it did slow me down quite a bit. At least someone (nobody in our group fessed up to it) left a small bouquet of flowers in one of the gates, which made me feel good!
I finally arrived back at the starting point and was greeted by everyone (I look pretty happy to be back!)
I drank some water and had a few snacks and was all better...big thanks to Wayne and Patricia for setting up the aid for the race!
Dallas and I went for hamburgers back in Tucson - Ft. Lowell Depot. Yum! Big, messy burgers with sweet potato french fries. Made the run all worth it! :)
Ran 49 miles for the week. Need to rest up - Santa Catalina Ascent is in 2 weeks - with over 26 miles and about 10,000 feet elevation gain, it is a tough one. I tell ya, TTR is really making me a stronger runner!

'Music fills the infinite between two souls.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore


HappyTrails said...

Being the shoe fiend that I am - are those some new La Sportiva Raptors disguised beneath your gators???? Looks like you are having a blast - glad that you are having lotsa fun hanging with Dallas. Yum - big juicy drippy burgers and sweet potato fries after a hard run sounds PERFECT to me! :-)

RunningTroysLife said...

hay the trail looked like it was in great condition....Rumor has it there was a crew from s.a.m.b.a out there yesterday doing trail work!!!
Glad yall had a blast.