Friday, April 2, 2010

News, a sore foot, a lot of Sabino Canyon and friends...

Dropped out of sight, haven't I? Been busy getting paperwork ready to file for divorce. We filed last Friday.  If you didn't already know that, sorry about hearing it this way...
But, it's okay. We're friends. I have nothing negative to say about my ex. He's a great guy. Well, there you go. It's out. Okay, on with the running stuff.
After the Bataan marathon 2 weeks ago, my foot was so sore that I took the week off of running and went to the doctor. I was told that it was likely a strained arch on my right foot, which I also found out has a flatter arch than the left foot. In addition, I have a slightly shorter left leg. So, the doctor gave me a heel lift for my left foot, taking the pressure off that right arch. It worked! I tried a 3 mile run a week after the marathon (Monday) and it was good! Back in the saddle again! Thanks Ross for recommending Bob Novak - he is awesome and knew what he was doing!
So, I headed out to Sabino Canyon on Tuesday and ran the road up and back, since it was a full moon (that's it - right above my head)!
The moon didn't come out until close to the end of the run, so I had to rely on a headlamp for light; but it was still cool. It was very peaceful; there was hardly anyone on the road but me and my friend.
Lots of stars out and rushing water. Nice run. It is 7.4 miles.
Today, I went back out to Sabino Canyon to run Phoneline trail loop, which is about 9 miles.
I met Julie, my friend from Colorado, who was down visiting family. What a treat! I love this picture - she looks 'contemplative'. :)
It is really beautiful out there right now! 

The wildflowers are out and Tucson is green!!!
We did a lot of chatting and I felt pretty good despite not sleeping very well the night before! Phoneline is just a hard trail. It was so good to see Julie. Too bad she lives in Colorado!
We got our feet wet pretty much at the beginning of the run, but they never dried out because of the water crossings on the road on the way back. Lots of water from the melting mountain snow - it is cold, but feels good!
Tomorrow is the Canine Classic 5k and I'm running Esperero Loop on Sunday (21 miles), so I'll have almost 44 miles for the week! Guess I'm jumping back in! Plus, it is gorgeous out there now in Tucson, so I'm soaking it up! All that Winter rain we received - get out there and enjoy nature's palette before the heat dries it all up!!

'Nothing to relive
It’s water under the bridge...'
~ Lifehouse

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HappyTrails said...

LOVE all the beautiful photos, Renee. The one with the moon is really neat, as is the saguaro pic, the wildflowers, all of them - thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you found a good remedy for the foot problem. Hope you have a wonderful week!