Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another 12 miler Saturday with Lisa, Nancy, Laurie and myself. I tried out my new atalanta skirt ( Wonderful service from Heather. It is so silky and wonderful! The 'bumhugger' underwear are made out of a silky fabric with no tight elastic squeezing your legs! I really enjoyed my run today in it. Can't have enough running skirts, right? This one is a coolmax fabric in black, with hot pink trim on the sides. Wicks like crazy.

My sister Andrea and I met my cousin Christy, who lives in Utah, out at Miraval spa/resort today. Christy is having a girls weekend at Miraval and we got a chance to catch up with her today, which was great. Too bad we couldn't enjoy some spa services, also. It is a beautiful resort - maybe someday we'll do a 'sister' weekend out there. Check it out -

Nancy, Sue and I ran Saguaro National Monument 8 mile loop again today (a redeux of last week!), and it was pretty fun. There was a whole group out out there getting ready for the race which is only 3 weeks away! The hills are feeling easier every time with practice. I think life is like that. The more consistent I am in working towards a goal, the better I become in my career, my relationships (especially marriage and God!) and well, what isn't like that? Go out and get what you want - just chop that goal up in small pieces and before you know it, there you are!

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