Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dixie Dog is back! She has been going with me running again in the mornings, about 4.5 miles at a stretch. She has been climbing mountains in Colorado, so she is in great shape and really enjoying running with me. I sure have missed her. I have been taking her running along the Rillito River path with me. The wildflowers are blooming everywhere there and she really had a blast running across the soccer fields at Brandi Fenton park.

Of course, that means that my husband is also back! We have had great fun together this week, catching up and just enjoying being together. It is only for a few days, because he and Dixie are leaving again soon to go back up to CO. I'll be seeing them again in September when I head up to CO to visit them. I couldn't ask for a better husband - he is loving and sweet and I trust him unconditionally.

I'm doing a cutback week with my running, so instead of 40 - 42 miles a week, I only did about 30. I did a shorter long run this weekend (10 miles) - I usually do about 12 or more, so it was a little break for my body. I have been tired and I think it is good to listen to your body. I'll be refreshed for the coming week of running! While out on my long run today, I ran into these beautiful white dogs. The lady actually has 5 of these kind of dogs, but she can only walk 2 at a time. I have seen her and her husband out walking all 5 before, but I guess he broke his ankle, so she has solo dog walking duty. Very pretty dogs! It was very hot today on my run - about 90 degrees. At least I thought I was pretty hot - these guys were wearing fur coats! Here I am wearing my atalanta skirt again. Love it, love it!

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