Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yet another Saturday long run with the Chiclets et al! Those running with me today were Sheryl, Nancy, Lisa, Sue and Laurie, who I had never met before. Nice to meet you Laurie! Since Nancy and Lisa are marathon training, they each bought a Nathan 'Intensity' hydration pack, just like mine! It is made for women, and has plenty of space for gels, lip balm, camera, etc. They needed the extra water to do their increasingly longer runs. Here we are, all matchy-matchy, modeling our packs. :) I ran about 11.5 miles - we ran through the Canyon Ranch area of Tucson, which is always pretty. Cloud cover the whole time - who could ask for more?

I added up the miles I have run/hiked this past year (I keep a daily log of miles run and track the mileage on each of my pairs of running shoes - yes, I am definitely an accountant!), and here is the approximate tally:

Run - 1,465
Hiked - 111

I averaged over 4 miles a day! I wasn't running as much last summer or over the winter as I am now, so I think that is pretty good! I think keeping a log prevents me from overdoing and inviting injuries into my running. It has worked! I also know when it is time to say adios to a pair of shoes that are past their prime.
Corker (n.) A remarkable or astounding person or thing. This is my husband's nickname for me!

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