Friday, August 3, 2007

We sure have had some crazy weather lately. It is Tucson's monsoon season, so here come the heavy rains! Lots of flooding going on - just look at our backyard! This picture was taken over 3 hours after the rain stopped. The ground is just saturated. Lucky for me, the storms haven't hit in the early morning like they did last summer, so it hasn't affected my running a bit! I have been averaging about 40 miles a week for a while now, and intend to keep it up over the winter to get ready for marathon (and ultra) season. I usually take one or two days off a week, depending on how far my weekly long run is. My muscles feel strong and I feel very sturdy. I run in the morning in the summer, which is a great way to start the day. I get out there in time to see the sunrise, which on some days is just gorgeous. I always see lots of bunny rabbits, people walking their dogs and occasionally, a coyote. I ran the Rillito River path yesterday and took a jog off on a side road to visit my friends, the goats. They want to go running with me, can't you tell? The ones with the really short legs crack me up. I used to want a goat as a pet. The upside is that you don't have to mow your grass as often - the downside is they eat everything, including, but not limited to, garden hoses and other vegetation. Oh well, I think I'll stick with dogs for now.
Running gets me out there to see what life has to offer. If you want to see God's gifts, get out there and check it out. Thank you God for the beautiful sunrise you bless me with each morning.

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