Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One hilly Saguaro Monument 8 mile loop run

Today, my friend Nancy and I ran the Saguaro National Monument East 8 mile loop. The race is fast approaching on Labor Day, so we got in one last training run. We're ready! It was about 95 degrees when we started but we saw 2 javelina (they can be seen in the picture, but they are good at blending in) and a beautiful sunset, so it turned out okay after all. Javelina are pretty crazy looking - they are often called wild boars or wild pigs. They can be seen around Tucson, mostly in the outlying desert areas. It is always great to do a little wildlife viewing when I am running in the great outdoors.

God, thank you for the beautiful sunset, the amazing desert, wonderful friends, a husband who loves me, strong legs that move me and the power to walk through whatever comes my way today.

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