Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Change is not easy.

Saying goodbye to a good friend - my '95 Toyota 4 Runner! I had a hard time letting her go today. She has taken me to great runs, races, hikes, camping, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and all around Arizona. I love the old 4 Runner style, but it was accumulating too many expensive mechanical problems to fix.

Here I am with it before I traded it in at the dealership today:

Dixie seems sad, too. She doesn't know it, but there is a nice, shiny one in the driveway now just waiting to carry her and I to our next run! She loves riding in the back and making other drivers smile at her.

We had a great run today. I resolved some problems this week with my sister and with work and I'm feeling a little more connected to the world and full of energy! When I am filled with conflict, it robs me of energy. When I own up to the weight of my own spiritual suffering, which I cause myself, I am free.

Tomorrow - pictures of the new ride!

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