Sunday, January 6, 2008

Next Up....

Race One — January 12, 2008
Tortolita Mountains, Wild Burro Trailhead: Wild Mustang Trail (7 miles)

Race Two — January 19, 2008
Tucson Mountain Park, 36th Street Trailhead (4 miles)

Race Three — January 26, 2008
Tortolita Mountains, Wild Burro Trailhead: Alamo Springs Trail (6.5 miles)

Tucson has finally added some trail races to the race calendar here this past year!
Since I'm training for a marathon, I'll be adding some mileage on to these races, to get in my long run each week.
Total mileage for the week - 35 miles.
I ran a long run yesterday with Nancy and Sheryl of 15 miles, so starting next week, I'll be upping it to 16 and on from there.
Here was my fortune cookie saying last night:
'You are protected by silent love and friendship near you.'
Made my day.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

i heard about those races! unfortunately, i can't run any of them - two of them i have my son, and the other i'm out of town! they sound like fun.

Sarah said...

Those races sound like fun!