Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jury Duty Interferes with Marathon Training!

Yes, I had Jury Duty on Tuesday and I got selected for a short criminal trial, which should run through Thursday (how exciting!) So, I am a little behind my mileage since I couldn't run yesterday. I got out of court in time today to run and hopefully, I'll get out in time on Thursday as well. I'll just try to make up for the missing day today, Thursday, and Friday by running a little extra, if possible. I won't be running Saturday, because of the Arizona Trail Race on Sunday. Taking the day off might give me fresh legs!
Today I ran 8 very COLD and WINDY miles on the Rillito River Wash. It was still running from all the rain we had earlier in the week (here in Arizona, washes are normally dry most of the year, except when we get a decent amount of rain). It was really flowing on Monday when I ran, but I didn't have my camera.
Last winter I tended to blow off a lot of cold, windy days in favor of going home after work and getting warm! This year, I'm heading out anyway because I don't want to miss my runs. I usually warm up after I run a mile or so, but today, even dressed all toasty, I stayed cold! Call me dedicated or addicted, pick one.

It should be warming up soon, though - we have a little cool weather system blowing into Tucson, followed by a slight warmup (70 degrees!). Check out the lovely Catalina Mountains, on the North side of Tucson:

My husband says I look more like a runner when I wear pants than I do when I wear my running skirts. I said, "Yeah, but you can see my amazing trail runner calves in my skirts!" He always jokes that I actually have calf muscles now that I run. I have always had 'chicken legs' since I was a child, so I would say he is right. :)


angie's pink fuzzy said...

great photos! i was surprised at how much the rillito was running today. pretty cool.

Sarah said...

Nice job getting out there even in the yucky weather. I hate wind. : ) Good luck on your race this weekend!