Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Ride for Dixie Dog in the New Machine

Okay, well, it is not 'NEW', but it is new to me (2006).

She LOVED it. Yes, she is excited, but it is hard to tell - she has that face all the time. We ran about 5 miles on the Rillito Wash trail.

I LOVE my new vehicle, too.

Dixie might have Valley Fever. We are waiting for results back from the vet. It is very common in Arizona - dogs get it from the dirt and treatment is expensive and lengthy. Some dogs can die from it, so we are hoping for the best. That is why I only have been taking her once a week. She gets tired really easily and sometimes limps. Last year she was doing about 20 miles a week, this year only 5 or 6. We finally decided to take her to the vet this week. We love her so much!

Sore from Saturday's run for a few days (well, I stacked a weight workout on top on Sunday, which prolonged the soreness). Feeling stronger each week, though. I love training!

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