Thursday, May 1, 2008

How I am Recovering from my Ultra

Hey, I'm not just lying around!
Here I am sanding cabinet doors for our fixer-upper rental house...

I seem to be recovering quickly from Zane Grey. I haven't run since the race, but I feel pretty good! Most of the soreness is abating, but I generally feel very tired. I am also babying the one blister that I got at Zane Grey that seemed to get a little infected afterward, but I think it is on the mend, too. The scratches on my legs are healing (wore a skirt to work today!) My allergies are the worst they've been in years (wildflowers!! wind!!!) so some of the tiredness is coming from that I'm sure.

I really do want to go for a run, but my job workload has been insane this week and we have been so busy working on our rental house, so I really have not had much time for running anyway. I'm looking forward to catching up on sleep over the weekend and I'm planning my first run since the race on Sunday. I did do a weight workout the other day, but kept it light on the legs.

I am craving another ultra, so I'm pretty sure I'm signing up for the inaugural Red Mountain 50k on Saturday, May 24th held near St. George, Utah. I feel like getting out of town for the Memorial Day weekend (only an 8 hour drive) and the endorphins are calling. AND, if I do it, I'll qualify for Marathon Maniacs (bronze level, of which one of the criteria is 3 marathons (or greater) in 3 months. The 3 would be:

1. Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon (26.2) - March 30th - DONE!

2. Zane Grey 50k (33) - April 26th - DONE!

3. Red Mountain 50k - May 24th

So, I would satisfy the criteria.

Red Mountain 50k should be a lot easier than Zane Grey, though - it is a net downhill race (2,200 feet drop in elevation, I believe), with 12 miles on trail (dirt road, mostly, not technical) and 19 miles on pavement through some pretty country in Utah.

I'll make the decision after I run on Sunday. Just want to make sure my legs will be ready to go at it again.

I have felt amazing on the inside this week. I feel strong and tough and able to handle more than I ever thought I could. Something happened to me during that race - something good - and I think I'll hold onto it.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

love the recovery! sanding down doors :)

i did the elliptical last night for 30 minutes and will probably go for a couple mile jog this weekend. i'm still toying with the utah's so enticing...

RunningTroysLife said...

Thanks for the heads up. I cleared the time off through work and just registered for red mountain.Looks like a fast course.