Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Me walk funny...

Pretty much since the end of the race on Saturday, I've had a 'hitch in my getalong', as Troy would say. I've had some pretty intense calf pain and a slight limp on the left side. The left side has been worse than the right, most likely because of the cambered road at the race. Almost everything on me was sore after the race - neck, shoulders, biceps (that always cracks me up that my upper body would be sore after running, but I guess it gets involved, too) stomach, quads, hamstrings, and my oh so tender calf muscles. Shins are fine! The downhill really took its toll on my calves, though.

So, I got massage today. A very gentle one. Perfect. Love my massage therapist. Feel much better now.
And, I got some new shoes to wear to work today. My slightly high heels were killing me and I was concerned that they were exacerbating my calf problem. Much better. Aren't they cute? They are Naot brand from Israel. Very comfy. I'm finally walking normal now with just some calf soreness. All other aches and pains are gone. I think they helped. The stitching is PINK. How cool is that.
Even hobbling around, I've been planning my next marathons/ultramarathons. Crazy? Am I a marathon maniac? Not yet, but I'll be putting in my credentials this week.
I'll be in Colorado the last week of August (visiting my wonderful artist husband), so I was thinking of dropping down into Albuquerque for a little New Mexico Marathon on my way back home to Tucson (it is on Sunday, August 31st, and I would be able to travel back to Tucson on Labor Day). I was also thinking of the American Discovery Trail Marathon in Colorado Springs, but that one is Monday, September 1st, and although I have that day off, I would need to be back to work on Tuesday. I would love to meet Kathleen and Steve from Colorado Springs in person and run with them on some of the lovely Colorado trails I see on their blog.
You know what I think? I think these endorphins are addictive.


RunningTroysLife said...

hey ,I've been pretty sore as well.
mostly my right foot. Everything else is good.

HappyTrails said...

Hi Renee! I LOVE your shoes!!! The PINK stitching is an added bonus to the cuteness! I might need to look for some of those as I am on my feet most of the day. We would love the opportunity to show you some of our great local trails although we aren't at the mileage level as you - you'll have to settle for 15 miles or less???!!!
We have ridden/run on the route for the American Discovery Trail Race for many years. We tend to use it more in the winter b/c the surface handles wet and snow better than regular singletrack trails. We probably tend to take it for granted - it is a nice trail - it has a wide, groomed, gravel surface with a few miles of paved trail at the end. Great views of the mountains the whole way. I will email more about it later and we'll get some pics soon.
We could also meet near where your hubby is, too, and explore new trails! I will keep my eyes open for more fun races for a someday dream list! :-) Kathleen

Marathoner in Training said...

I have been away from the blogging for a couple of weeks, getting caught up on some bloggs. Great job on your Zane Gray. I hope to do it next year. So you met Tanya, she is a very nice individual, we met for the RNR marathon in Phx in Jan 08.
Hope your recovery is quick and your feeling up to par in no time.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

LOVE the shoes. AWEsome.

and yes, endorphins are sooo addictive. i went to the gym on saturday for the first time in forEVER, and it was so awesome!