Sunday, May 11, 2008

Have to go back to work to rest up

After doing about 5 hours of yardwork at the rental house yesterday (on top of running 12 miles!) and about 4 hours today, I concluded that 34 miles run for the week was plenty. Lots of raking, weed pulling, rock and brick hauling, sweeping, digging up roots, rocks, and old plants (aloe vera taking over the yard) has worn me out. I did wear sunscreen 70 though, so I didn't get too much sun! It was almost 100 degrees today in Tucson.
Now I have to go back to work and sit at my desk to rest up. :)
We are coming along, though. Kenny almost has the front and back fence finished, and the wood floors are almost fully sanded. The new ceilings have been installed and all walls have been repaired and primed for painting. We have some guys helping us, of course, with the wood floors and most other jobs. The house was treated for termites today.
Although Kenny has been there full-time (putting much of his own business work aside for now) I'm only able to be there a few evenings during the week and on the weekends. I spend my lunch hours securing materials and running various errands so that I can have the weekends free.
Left to do on the rental house (I'm a to-do list person):
1. Finish yardword (my next weekend project - lots of cleaning up still)
2. Finish metal fencing, gates and carport (Kenny)
3. Put wood laminate flooring in rear bedroom - it was an addition to the house, so it did not have the original wood flooring. Using Wilsonart - high quality, 20 year warranty.
4. Do the entire bathroom (it is currently gutted) - i.e. install toilet, tub, sink, fixtures and lay tile around tub.
5. Install kitchen sink, disposal, and tile on kitchen countertops
6. Stain and seal all wood floors
7. Install laminate flooring in laundry room
8. Buy refrigerator
9. Set up washer and dryer (thanks to Nancy who donated them to us!)
10. Clean, touch-up stain and seal all window, door and floor mouldings (all dark wood; I love old houses)
11. Finish repairing, sanding and painting kitchen cabinets. I can't do any more sanding, as I have developed a cough that is either allergy related or house related, I'm not sure. At any rate, I'm not sick, so I decided that maybe the sanding was aggravating it. The guys will have to finish. I'll be cleaning and buying latches for the cabinets.
12. Paint all walls (they have already been sanded, repaired and primed).
13. Clean entire house.
14. Other miscellaneous that I'm missing. We've determined that miscellaneous is costing us about $3 to $4 thousand overall and will be one of the prime reasons we are overbudget. It really is the 'little things' in life that are costly!
15. Get a tenant. I think I'm going to want to live here when we are done! I think it will be beautiful.
Next week I'll do about the same mileage - 35 miles. Then, a one-week taper for the Red Mountain 50k! I've talked with Troy, and we might run part of the race together, which I'm excited about. I think it will be a fun, beautiful race!
I love my life. It is busy, but I love it that way! Never a dull moment.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Thanks for dropping by my humble little blog.

That sounds like some heavy-duty cross training for sure...and it's getting just a bit warm for it now, too. Enjoy "relaxing" at work and rest up.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

sounds like fun! i'm so jealous you get to do the 50k :)